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  • John Deere 5E Series vs Kubota MX

    John Deere 5E Series vs Kubota MX


    A one on one comparison of the John Deere 5E Series versus the Kubota MX Series. MORE »

  • John Deere 3E vs. Kubota. L Comparison

    John Deere 3E vs. Kubota. L Comparison


    A head-to-head comparison of the John Deere 3E Series Compact Tractors versus the Kubota L Series. Kubota and John Deere comparison video. MORE »

  • John Deere 1 Family vs Kubota BX

    John Deere 1 Family vs Kubota BX


    A comparison of the 1 Family AutoConnect Drive-over mower deck versus the Kubota BX drive-over mower deck MORE »

  • John Deere 1 Family vs. Mahindra eMax

    John Deere 1 Family vs. Mahindra eMax


    A review of the loader capabilities on the John Deere 1 Family versus the Mahindra eMax series. MORE »

  • Add John Deere Attachments for just a few bucks a month!

    Add John Deere Attachments for just a few bucks a month!


    Long Live Your John Deere. Did you know that there are parts and attachments to extend the life of your tractor? Talk to one of our SunSouth Sales Representatives to find out what those are and how little it would cost to add your favorite attachments. For example, you can purchase a Compact Tractor Canopy (LVB25334, LVB25332) for as little as $7.50/month, Hood Guards for $4.50-$8.00/month, Filter Pack (LVA21128) for $1.15/month, etc. Let us help you get your John Deere equipment exactly how you want it (with all the bells and whistles)! *Payment figures based on 0% for 72 months MORE »



  • SunSouth Customer Testimony

    We would like to thank Chris McNeil from Basic, MS for his continued support and for being a loyal customer of SunSouth.



  • 5 Crops for a Southern Fall or Winter Garden


    Ever wondering if you could grow a garden in the fall or winter? You can! Check out these crops to get started. MORE »

  • 5 Tips to Help Your Lawn & Garden Beat the Heat


    As the summer sun beats down on your garden, are you doing everything you can to take care of it? Protecting your garden from the heat is fairly simple and can be done easily. Follow these simple steps and beat the heat this summer! MORE »

  • Investing in the Future


    The children of our local communities could be the future face of the agriculture industry. MORE »

  • Vegetable Gardens for Beginners


    Planting a garden can be a fun and easy activity for the whole family. Follow these easy steps to start your vegetable garden today. MORE »

  • Hard Work


    Do you work hard? So does SunSouth and John Deere to stand behind our products with an industry leading 6 year powertrain warranty on compact tractors. MORE »


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